Frequently asked questions

Yes, Mouseflow does have an ISP in place, which is also available from the Mouseflow Security Kit.

Yes – Mouseflow conducts frequent penetration and vulnerability tests.

All customer data is completely compartmentalized. All data is saved using unique keys that prevent any cross-contamination or pollution from other data-sets.

Mouseflow provides the option to enforce SSO (Single Server Sign-On) for all users under an account. In addition, two-factor authentication can optionally be enforced for all users with access to your account.

Although we do have SOC1 type II in place for all the Mouseflow data centers. The SOC1 is a similar standard as the SOC2, both are reports on controls at a service organization and are audited by accountants. The difference is that SOC2 has a mandatory set of controls. At the moment we consider the SOC1 as the preferred internal standard due to its flexibility, it allows us to completely tailor and update the framework to our activities, risks and client expectations.

Mouseflow provides 24/7 support from our in-app communication interface. In addition, you can reach out to our customer service team via or by phone. See the “Contact Us” page for information on how to contact the Mouseflow customer service team.

Yes – Mouseflow maintains PCI assessed by ControlScan on a frequent basis. Please refer to the Mouseflow Security Kit for further information.