Product teams

Increase your efficiency in building the right features

Validate your hypothesis with confidence (and proof) to accelerate stakeholder approval.

"Amazing tool for customer insight generation and improvements of UX and User Journey"
Adrian D
Product Manager
Full visibility

Build smarter products with behavioral data

Find and fix frustrated users

Spot invisible problems in your users’ journey that are preventing them from taking the next step. Heatmaps and replays how you exactly how to satisfy them – without hours of searching.

Get answers instead of guesses

Take the passive route with always-on user feedback or set up custom-triggered questions to appear at key user moments for real insights and direction.

Deliver indisputable context and proof

No more ‘I think’ conversations. Back it up with session recordings, heatmaps, form and funnel flows to validate and facilitate changes at lightening speed.

actionable insights

Fast track stakeholder approval

Can't argue with a replay

Review session recordings to see through your users’ eyes – and let them serve the argument for developing your product’s next feature or iteration.

Confirm and collaborate

In a few clicks, share recordings, heatmaps, funnel, and form visualizations for productive problem and solution definition.

Data that drives action

Move things along quickly with an ecosystem of user behavior analytics for unbiased development and decision making.

Understand the whole story with product analytics

How many visitors did your website get last month?