Enhance digital experiences with web visitor insights

Optimize consumer and HCP journeys with actionable web behavior analytics

Join pharmaceutical industry leaders in transforming consumer and HCP experiences

Analyze and optimize every touchpoint of your website respecting your visitors’ privacy.

HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA compliance
Protect consumer privacy
IP anonymization, PII exclusion, custom privacy settings, and more allow for immersive UX analysis without risking crucial healthcare privacies.
Competitive advantage communication
Make sure your message gets across
Know what catches your visitors' attention and make sure your most relevant info gets noticed.
Know your customers
See the difference between user groups
Tag users by behavior and group them into audiences, identifying patterns and optimizing their journey.
User engagement
Know your users' expectations
Understand if your website visitors are finding what they are looking. Engage them at key moments to improve every aspect of their experience.
Education and awareness
Improve your visitors' journey
See how users consume information on your website and what affects their choices.
How AstraZeneca uses Mouseflow to enhance website engagement
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Create exceptional Pharmaceutical website experiences

Optimize user journeys and enhance engagement

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Data security and protection

Making website optimisations easy for companies in highly regulated areas

We take data security seriously and always have you covered. Not only are Mouseflow data centers fully HIPAA compliant, they carry ISO27001, SOC 1 Type II, and PCI certification.

For our pharma enterprise customers, we also provide BAAs and direct access to our legal team.

PII exclusion and other privacy features for HIPAA compliance

Global data, privacy, and security compliance

US and EU data centers

Cross-domain support