Saas analytics tools

Uncover blind spots costing you customers

We know that building the perfect product is hard. Our ecosystem of behavior analytics make getting people to use it simple.

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Streamline SaaS user journeys

Traffic sources
Identify your most valuable traffic
Truly understand the impact of your hard-earned traffic by visualizing their behavior on your product.
Create more compelling CTAs
Get more sign-ups with better UX, design, and content
Heatmaps, session replays, and other tools show you how effective your CTAs are.
Acquire, activate...
Improve onboarding and upgrade rate
Understand real user behavior to take “new user” to “power user” — and upgrader — better and faster.
Optimize your journeys
Find what actions aid conversion
If you build it... They will use it differently than you hoped. Use funnels to identify what actions or pages aid conversion and optimize your flow.
Enhance customer service
Elusive bugs no more. Use session replay to resolve ticket fasters, contest chargebacks claims, and run a more efficient development operation.
Increase stickiness
Lengthen customer lifecycles
Get the in-depth behavior insights you need to continually improve your software's user experience so they stick around longer.
Optimize your SaaS funnel

Surface user insights that matter at every stage of the customer journey

Optimize the customer acquisition funnel by seeing your site experience through their eyes. Review individual sessions or analyze trends with rich data visualizations and granular breakdowns so you can hit your goals and drive more product revenue.

Custom dashboards for easy access and reporting

Custom alerts via email, Slack, and other integrations

Friction Scores and auto-tagging for less time searching

Exceptional data, privacy, and security standards