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Make sure your design drives business

When a design fails, users will bail – but the tricky part is knowing what worked and what didn't. Don't rely on educated guesses. Validate your decisions with certainty.
"Paid off in the first hour. We love being able to see what our customers are doing and how they are interacting with our software. Within the first hour we were already able to identify some UX issues that we were never able to see before."
Nathan K
UX Designer
Complete UX visibility

Get the greenlight from stakeholders

Unbiased insights

Join the user journey – see what they see and visit the key moments holding them back through session replay, and more.

Visualizations from every angle

Leverage six different types of heatmaps to get context behind what your users doing to find out, why they’re doing it.

Grumpy users identified

Auto-tag for friction, errors, click-rage, and other UX frustration events so you know what to fix and where.

Find the source of truth

Get context behind testing

Enrich usability tests by watching what your users do, not what they say, with session replay heat maps, and form analytics.

Listen to users

Get instant feedback for anything you’d like to know by getting their feedback when and where it matters most.

Connect the dots

If a user gets lost in a complicated design, they may never come back. Surface key user behavior insights that yield actionable results for the whole team.

A screen of a jewellery online shop with click heatmap insights such as amount of clicks on a button, click-rage and click-errors detected.

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