Analytics teams

Real customer insights with behavioral analytics

From sales funnels to customer intent – solve the puzzles lurking in your data and get to the bottom of what users want and where they hesitate.

"Mouseflow saves me a lot of time by quickly identifying problems on my website automatically. It has also helped me have a better working relationship with my development team as it helps translate UX issues."
Maryna N
Analytics Manager
Complete data confidence

Make more informed decisions

Measure the right things

Ride along with your users. Watch how they interact between each click, and see first-hand what captivates and distracts them.

Segments and visualizations galore

Tags, UTMs, sources, regions, campaigns – you name it. Craft the perfect segment and then sit back, relax, and visualize that data across the ecosystem.

Auto-tagged friction events

Spend less time scrolling through data. Auto-generated Friction Scores tag user frustrations so you know where to look.

A list of user recordings highlighting the broad amount of filters you can use to segment your user recordings and the automatic friction score that helps you discover which users or pages need attention.
Increase productivity

Surface issues and opportunities

Quick solutions to costly bugs

Setup alerts for UX errors and shine light on individual affected sessions for review. Share solutions backed by rich visual context for quicker implementation.

Record every user from day 1

Never miss a thing – Mouseflow records 100% of users and pages by default, unlike others who serve you only a sample of your data.

Feedback you can trust

Enrich data and verify hypotheses by collecting responses from your users. Don’t guess, just ask! Let your users tell you what they need.

A screen of a jewellery online shop with click heatmap insights such as amount of clicks on a button, click-rage and click-errors detected.

Let’s get more accurate insights from your data now

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