For Conversion rate optimizers

Turn cryptic drop offs into website conversions

Analytics will tell you what, but our slew of behavior insights will tell you why. Watch users in action and see what happens at every stage of your funnel.
"A must tool for any serious CRO work"
Allyson K
CRO Manager

CRO analytics for nonstop improvements

Always-full test pipeline

User feedback, session recordings, heatmap trends, form tracking, and funnel drop offs provide a constant stream of reliable test opportunities that generate intended outcomes.

Reduced risk and bottlenecks

Proof and context from holistic user behavior data with visualizations to convince even the most risk-averse stakeholders.

Higher-impact hypotheses

See what’s really happening between each click. Enhance your analytics and finally get the qualitative and quantitative user behavior data you need to confidently make the big changes that lead to the big results.

A screen of a jewellery online shop with click heatmap insights such as amount of clicks on a button, click-rage and click-errors detected.

Increase customer empathy and the conversion metrics that matter

Added value for A/B tests

Stats only tell half the story. Comparing user session replays, 6 types of heatmaps, form analytics, and more tell you exactly who, what, where, when, and why.

Unlimited custom dashboards

Monitor your most important pages, forms, funnels, surveys, traffic sources, and more from personalized dashboards — for everyone on your team.

Weed out harmful events quickly

No need to spend hours sifting through data. Friction Scoring, auto-tagging, and robust filtering help you rapidly identify and prioritize issues.

Get the competitive edge you need to succeed

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