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Traffic sources
Find your best referral sources
Identify the traffic that loves your site and those that struggle, so you can optimize marketing budget and UX updates for maximum ROI.
Home, landing, & category pages
Craft irresistible landing pages
Use six types of heatmaps plus actual user recordings and field-by-field form analysis to inform submit-worthy pages for every campaign.
Localization is a major key
Connect with customers locally
Use geo heatmaps and robust filtering to find out where your website visitors come from to inform locally targeted campaigns.
Influence their decision making
Spotlight the content that converts
Find out which pages are essential to converting and which lead to exits, while reviewing actual user behavior in replays and heatmaps.
Make online booking painless
Analyze your funnels page-by-page and break down every checkout form to find where users struggle, then watch replays to see exactly what to fix.
Repeat Customer
Answer essential questions
Travel can be complicated — custom-triggered user feedback popups help you get inside customers’ heads to find out what’s holding them back.
Increase travel website conversions

A user-friendly travel booking website pays off

Put the joy back into trip planning by leveraging travel website behavior analytics so you can ensure customer satisfaction from the get-go.

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