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Traffic sources
Identify valuable and costly traffic sources
Tag, segment, and filter across Mouseflow’s behavior analytics features to truly understand the impact of your traffic, including your paid traffic.
Home & Category pages
Improve the path to purchase
Ask your customers how to remove obstacles in their journeys so you can make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.
Product pages
Present the perfect product page
Use behavior visualizations and click data to identify and showcase your products’ most compelling elements.
Shopping Cart
Create a cart that pumps AOV and reduces abandonment
Add context to each failed or successful sale. Find out exactly what causes users to bail on their cart, so you can fix it.
Smooth out your checkout flow piece by piece
Automatically detect and measure forms throughout checkout (while anonymizing data for privacy) to shore up the last crucial buying moment.
Improve customer service to drive repeat customers
Replay user sessions to demystify errors, fraud activity, order issues and more, while collecting feedback and product ideas with triggered surveys.
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Running an eCommerce store is no easy feat and unseen issues and frustrations can prevent even the most loyal of customers from completing a purchase. Don't worry – we have you covered.

Geo heatmaps to inform regional optimization

Automatic tags for error, form submits, click rage, and more

Friction Scores for easy pain point prioritization

Data security, privacy, and compliance for even the strictest sector


How Rains improved its conversion rate by 10%


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